Recent Research

A recent research initiative by Manchester Inc. in the UK showed results of a study that quantifies the business impact of external executive coaching.  The study included 100 executives.  Companies that provided coaching to their executives realised improvements in productivity, quality, organisational strength, customer service, and shareholder value.  They received fewer customer complaints, and were more likely to retain executives who had been coached.  In addition, a company's investment in providing coaching to its executives realised an average return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of the coaching.

In this study the benefits to individuals who received coaching were improved:

  • Working relationships with direct reports (reported by 77% of executives)
  • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
  • Teamwork (67%)
  • Working relationships with peers (63%)
  • Job satisfaction (61%)
  • Conflict reduction (52%)
  • Organisational commitment (44%)
  • Working relationships with clients (37%)

And, among the benefits that arose from coaching to the company were improvements in:

  • Productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
  • Quality (48%)
  • Organisational strength (48%)
  • Customer service (39%)
  • Reducing customer complaints (34%)
  • Retaining executives who received coaching (32%)
  • Cost reductions (23%)
  • Bottom-line profitability (22%)