Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is one of the most rapidly growing approaches to management development in business today.  It involves a time-limited, one-on-one professional relationship between a business executive and his or her coach, dedicated to the client’s achieving stress-free peak performance, personally and professionally.  It is designed to benefit not only the individual, but also the team and the organization of which they are a part.  It is focused on deepening the individual’s learning, and on not only improving their business performance, but also enhancing their quality of life.  It can help people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, and the business organisations to which they belong. It is a key process in the development and maintenance of the empowered organisation.

DiscussionExecutive coaching is about the preservation and growth of the most expensive and crucial parts of the capital assets of a business – its human capital. The communications that take place between colleagues and between managers and their subordinates in the business world range from the most superficial to the most deeply meaningful conversations, from the most supportive and constructive to the most critical and destructive, from those that leave the individual feeling really valued and appreciated to those that leave them feeling of no importance or significance in their job whatsoever, from those that leave the person receiving those communications confused, bewildered and often angry, to the those which have exactly the opposite effect, playing a most valuable role in helping to liberate their positive energies in pursuit of the aims of the business.

Executive coaching is about creating the climate, skills, and habits in the organisation which will ensure continuous growth and the achievement of ever-higher levels of excellence. It is about creating a culture within the leadership of the organisation in which knowledge, motivation, attitudes and coaching skills are cascaded down throughout the organisation. It is about ensuring that top management both provide a model of the behaviour which leads to that organisation-wide dissemination of the desired company culture, and also develop the necessary skills in their subordinates for this process to happen efficiently.

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