Talent Market e-Recruiter (SaaS)

Automated enterprise-wide “end to end” recruitment solution

Delivering speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness, people intelligence and top talent anywhere anytime

Why Talent Market e-Recruiter?

Listening to our clients and their challenges, we have designed a system that will significantly improve the way the recruitment process is managed.  This system has the added benefit of more than 30 years of Human Resources and Organisational Development experience coupled with “ahead of the curve” software engineering producing a very comprehensive and fully integrated system.

The Business Context

Getting the right people, with right skills at the right time to hit the ground running, is critical for any business.

  • Can you reach candidates across the generational gap, wherever they are?
  • Are your candidates having a positive experience when they interface with your application processes?
  • Is your selection process providing you with quality candidates?
  • Can you customise and track your recruitment workflow process?
  • Are all your internal and external stakeholders integrated, communicating and collaborating to ensure best results?
  • Are your HR and Hiring managers spared the frustration of working with outdated, and disparate systems?
  • Can you profitably mine your data to gain invaluable insights to make accurate predictive forecasting about your Talent?

The Talent Market solution

Talent Market is an elegant “end to end” e-recruitment (SaaS) technology. It integrates and automates your recruitment processes, enabling you to source, attract, select, on-board and retain your talent be they employees or external candidates. This beautifully integrated solution is supported with an array of smart toolsets that makes your recruitment user-friendly, cost effective, fast, seamless, collaborative, efficient, competitive and strategic.

Key Features


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1. Implementation and Take-on Process

We have built clever wizard tools that silently runs, validates and uploads your data to get you up and running quickly.  The Talent Market system integrates key human resources data points.  The system centralises your employee records, talent profiles (CV’s) and job descriptions to give you one true closely integrated data platform.  The system automates this data platform to seamlessly inform the core recruitment processes such as job requisitioning, candidate acquisitioning, applicant tracking, analytics and on-boarding tasks.  Our extensible and customisable Role-based security permissions system can be built around your bespoke organisational needs.  You will have a 360° view of your entire organisation through an organisation chart replicating reporting relationships across divisions, departments, branches and locations.  We ensure that you have the most robust and secure data privacy. Whether you operate locally, globally or within multiple geographical locations, the system organises your data for seamless transactions and notifications.

2. Job Requisitioning

Our system automates the writing of job motivations and related selection criteria.  A powerful integrated notification system ensures that it reaches the selected approvers no matter where they are. Our system sends notifications to managers on their smartphones, tablets allowing them to approve requisitions from wherever they are. Job specifications need not be written from scratch because the system will seamlessly generate it, allowing for changes and customization from HR, hiring managers and subject matter experts.  The system has an intelligent recruitment workflow process that allows you to track every hiring stage from sourcing to on-boarding.

3. Candidate Acquisitioning

Our system seamlessly extends your reach to connect with the Talent on whatever major social media platform they are.  Talent Market provides candidates with a user-friendly and positive application process. Our iBrand CV optimiser standardises the information of all applicants giving you the highest level of data integrity, accuracy and 100% search match results. Our unique job match assessment tool ensures candidates are screened, filtered and ranked automatically.  Candidates are kept in the loop about their application status through regular feedback notifications to their personal careers dashboard. Our system enables you to establish your own talent pools and build strong relationships through regular notifications and updates.  Through these credible connections, you stay in touch with your talent and save on recruitment fees.

4. Applicant Tracking System

Through an integrated workflow dashboard, you will have visual access to your entire automated recruitment workflow.  You will know exactly at which stage of the process candidates are. You can quickly identify any delays in your hiring process right down to the responsible person. Our system creates automated collaborative connections between participating stakeholders in the hiring process from assigning tasks, to initiating action, to communicating their observation about candidates.   Stakeholders can discuss and share information in a seamless and centralised way.  Our sophisticated notification system sends all stakeholders regular reminders about their tasks, actions and events. This makes it easy to monitor, follow up and remedy any delays.

5. Competency based Interview Guide

This unique automated tool will help you plan the interview logistics and processes more effectively. It will make the interview sessions flow better ensuring the process is more standardised and consistent leading to fair outcomes. It will enable you to create and customise interview questions such as rapport building, culture fit, technical and behavioural competencies. It extensible allowing you to customise around your precise interviewing needs, every time you hire.  No guessing which competencies to include in your interview guide, because the system seamlessly pulls through the competencies from the job specification.  All this automation saves you time and increases your hiring accuracy.

6. Onboarding

Our automated, integrated and personalised On-boarding process will create productive new hires from day one because it gives them easy access to appropriate information and key networks. Guiding and connecting HR, the hiring manager and the new hire into a collaborative team through the On-boarding process will ensure that the new hire is engaged, productive and retained.

7. Talent Pipeline Management

Our system allows you to take on a more proactive and strategic talent sourcing approach giving you the capability to have your finger on the pulse around your talent forecasting and pipeline.  All applicants can show an expression of interest by applying to place their CVs in your selected jobs for future consideration. By managing your talent pipeline, you are assured of talent for future vacancies. We make it possible for you to run perpetual campaigns, sourcing graduates, interns, learnerships, seasonal employment etc. 

8. Analytics and Reporting

Where are the greatest number of vacancies in your organisation?  Do you have a healthy talent pipeline for your critical roles?  Do you know which job boards are giving you the best sourcing results?  With our integrated system you will be able to generate any number of standard and regulatory reports e.g. turnover reports, employee equity reports, workforce profile reports, vacancy filled inside and outside SLA reports etc. as and when you need.  Further, all data fields in our integrated system can be mined and reported on.  Our integrated system’s analytics will help hiring managers and HR across the organisation to better understand the market and evaluate the effectiveness of current hiring strategies.  The system will also help you analyse the activity of your talent, understand what’s happening in your workforce and measure the efficiency, effectiveness, and outcomes of your processes.

9. PoPI compliant

Talent Market is committed to protecting the personal information of all its users and takes specific security measures to ensure that all personally identifiable information i.e. personal data is secure and confidential.  All our clients will be required to adhere to the same stringent requirements.


Making your Pain Points go away

Seamless job application experience for candidates

Powered by the Talent Market system and technology, our automated and logical job application process will be a seamless experience for your candidates from start to finish, whether they apply from job boards, social media platforms or from your corporate career sites or Talent pools.  Our system provides a dynamic and user friendly application process for candidates to account for their talent in a standardised format, using our powerful iBrand CV Optimiser.  Our system also creates a seamless process for candidates to assess their suitability against clear job criteria. Candidates will utilise their personalised dashboard to receive instant and regular status notifications.  

Attract, source and engage talent

Talent Market enables you to attract, source and engage with high-quality candidates across the generations through planned integration based on powerful and intelligent API.  This means our system will enable you to source and attract your candidates from job boards, corporate career sites and social media.  The site is built around a design logic which is simple to use, elegant, logical and user friendly, making it an accessible technology for all generations. 

Access scarce skills talent using different sourcing strategies

Talent market is a truly global product based on best in breed software technologies and systems.  The cloud based system allows seamless access for candidates across the world, anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365.  With our superior talent pool system, you can create proactive strategic sourcing campaigns to focus on scarce skills and on jobs that are critical and core to your organisation’s mission.  This will allow you to constantly have your finger on the pulse of your organisation’s talent pipeline. 

Comply with legislative requirements

Talent Market as a system has been designed precisely to ensure that the entire recruitment process is objective, transparent, standardised and fair.  This ensures that the organisation not exposed to unfair recruitment and selection practices.  Our system complies with all of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act when it comes to requirements for fair selection practices. 

When it comes to the use of personal information of candidates the Talent Market system ensures that it receives the express permission at all of the appropriate touch points. Protecting the personal information of all of our users, whether they are employees or job seekers or whether they are based locally or globally is an absolute non-negotiable. All our clients will receive the same standard of personal data protection as required in the PoPI Act no matter where they are located.   

Significantly reduce time to fill and cost to hire

We simplify your complexity

Recruitment today has become increasingly competitive because of scarce skills and the war for talent both locally and globally. Speed to attract, source and process the candidate is critical.  Organisations with outdated and convoluted complex hiring processes means that the process of hiring is slow and the more efficient competitors snatches your top talent.  Our system gives you an end to end recruitment workflow process that is smart, automated and super-efficient, allowing you to make first contact with top talent. 


We offer you speed and efficiency

  • Through automated posting of jobs online, therefore time to hire your top Talent is reduced significantly.
  • Through automated job selection criteria tailored to match job requirements making hiring more accurate and fairer.
  • Through a user-friendly and an online automated application process.
  • By applicants being able to complete a job match assessment online.
  • Through Applicant screening, filtering and ranking which is fast-tracked.
  • By automating your processes to deal with huge volumes of applications instantly, efficiently and quickly.
  • By candidates receiving regular feedback and updates.
  • By making candidate talent information easily and quickly available to the organisation.
  • Through online automated interview scheduling, leading to better coordination between hiring managers and HR support.
  • Through automated competency based interview guides reducing time significantly.
  • Through powerful, advanced and customisable search functionality helping you quickly identify top Talent wherever they are.


Significantly reduce your spend

Exorbitant and ever increasing cost to hire is a major pain-point for you.  You are under constant pressure to keep operational costs within budget.

Our automated system reduces your organisation’s spend on:

  • Advertising because you increasingly begin to advertise on your own website rather than on the Job boards or in print media.
  • Recruitment Agencies because you leverage your Talent pools that you built up through previous job posting campaigns.
  • Recruitment administration because your system is automated therefore less human resources required, lower headcount and lower costs.

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