TalentMarket Leadership 360 (TML360) is a SaaS leadership assessment tool designed to support your current and future leadership assessment and development activities. Operating like a data and reporting bureau, TalentMarket has developed a cloud application, that is easily accessible from anywhere at anytime and provides an efficient and automated way to ensure your leadership assessment and development reporting information is captured and managed effectively.

Integrating TML360 into your leadership program

As a supporting tool, TML360 can be integrated seamlessly into your existing Leadership Programs either using our vast library of leadership competencies, or by configuring the tool to measure and report on your bespoke competency library.

Individual and team reports can be generated with a very useful summary of the target responding audience’s participation. This allows users to see how relevant, credible and active each respondent was in the process. An overall analysis of the gaps between self-ratings and the average responses by the target audience follows, focusing on both strengths and perceived weaknesses.


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