We have helped our clients gather employee data that matters. Our surveys have helped our clients understand the ideas, attitudes and preference of their employees. This information has helped them to solve problems. It has also allowed them to produce focussed solutions.

We have also developed customised surveys according to our client’s specific needs. Some organisational surveys are conducted to gather information on a specific aspect of the business operations. These are generally in response to a business challenge, problem or a major change in the business operations/process.

We also do quarterly surveys to measure your employee views about how they view the organisation and their involvement in it. This type of survey looks at the “health” of the organisation.

Organisational Health means:Check Boxes

  • Degree of organisational alignment
  • Does the organisation know where it is going?
  • Are the people within the organisation aligned with the direction?
  • The capacity for execution, the ability to turn ideas into action
  • How much interference is there?
  • How much excess complexity slows the organisations down?
  • The capacity for renewal. Is the organisation changing at or just above the rate at which it’s changed in the past?
  • Is the organisation really focusing on changing at the rate required by the industry?

We also provide pulse surveys, organisational surveys, and processing facilities for customised survey production.