Personal Leadership

“Who we are, is who we bring to work”

Personal leadership is the key to employee effectiveness at work.  Employees who are self-aware and as a consequence emotionally intelligent are an asset to themselves and their organisations.  This course takes the participant on a journey into themselves and shows them how to show up in the world with credibility.  Participants review aspects of their life; contrast it, make choices and re-vision it.  Further, it will assist participants to implement personal life changes (promises) by putting together a personal development plan.


This course encourages a commitment to lifelong learning, growth and development.   It is a gateway toward guiding the participant to the next phase in their life’s journey.

This course will bring the participant:

  • Self-fulfillment
  • Clear values
  • Clear priorities
  • Balance in life
  • Clear purpose
  • Credibility
  • Peace and success
  • Authentic interactions all round

Is it right for me?

All employees.
What will I learn?

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise old mindsets that make it difficult for them to change.
  • Consider a different perspective and vision for their lives.
  • Explore how their comfort zones may have offered them much needed shelter and protection in the past, are now arenas of negativity and destructiveness.
  • Develop an awareness of their inner strengths.
  • Learn how not to give away their power.
  • Realise that they are responsible for shaping their own destiny.
  • Reframe their negative thoughts and limiting self belief patterns into positive and more realistic goals and dreams.
  • Explore current work life balance patterns and recognise the adjustments that must be made to have a more positive and sustainable life balance.
  • Regain and commit themselves to the core values that guide their life in all its interactions.
  • Manage stress and stressors in their life in a more realistic manner.
  • Develop a growth plan for their lives.

What will it cover?

Exploring my current mindset

  • Participants will learn how mindsets play an important role in the journey of personal change and leadership.
  • They will learn the benefit of practicing the discipline of creating a more flexible mindset.

Comfort Zones

  • Participants will learn what comfort zones are and the factors and reasons that create them.
  • Participants will explore their own comfort zones and recognise where these zones may be delaying them from honestly and courageously dealing with particular issues, challenges or opportunities in their life.

Revisiting and establishing my Locus of Control

  • Participants will learn what internal and external locus of control is.

Self-fulfilling Prophecies

  • Participants will learn about the power of visualisation and how it can transform their lives.

Creating balance

  • Participants will review key areas and relationships in their life and learn how to create balance.

Values based living

  • Participants will learn to appreciate how having a clearly articulated set of values (An internal guidance system) will help them to and live with credibility and integrity in all of their decisions and interactions no matter what.

Understanding and Managing Stress

  • Participants will learn how to separate the things that they can control and that which is out of their control.
  • They will learn to manage and anticipate their stressors.
  • “When we change the way we look at things then the things we look at changes.”

Beginning the great journey

  • Participants will be shown how to draw up a plan of action which will assist them through routine and discipline to embed the change they seek and ensure its sustainability.