Presentation Skills

Attending this programme will enhance a participant’s ability to present and communicate ideas, services, products or philosophies effectively.Steve Jobs


The ability to present ideas to one person or large audiences is an essential skill for any career minded person. This programme will enable participants to develop the skills necessary for preparing and delivering powerful presentations to one or a group of persons. It includes preparation for the presentation, the skills involved in the delivery of the presentation and the skill of controlling nervousness.

Who will benefit?

These are vital skills for any upwardly mobile individuals or staff who are required to do presentations or public speaking engagements from time-to-time.

What will participants learn?

Participants will be able to:
  • Begin the process of developing the necessary confidence to deliver powerful presentations.
  • Know how to prepare for effective delivery.
  • Know how to control nervousness.
  • Begin the process of developing the required skills.
What will it cover?

  • Participants will be made aware of the skills needed for each dimension of the presentations, and will be given opportunities to practice and improve their skill under controlled and non-threatening conditions throughout the programme. Their final presentation will be filmed – each participant will receive a DVD of their presentation on the second day.
Preparation – Research
  • Participants will learn how to analyse the requirements for the presentation, having a clear goal and how to research the subject thoroughly so that it can be presented with confidence and  questions dealt with adequately.
Conducting an Audience Audit
  • An analysis must be made of the audience before the presentation so that it is ‘pitched’ at the right level and the appropriate visual aids used.
Structuring your Presentation
  • Participants will learn how to structure their presentations to ensure that there is a logical flow, which would elicit the greatest impact.
Creative Visuals Aids
  • Dynamic Visual Aids are vital for impact and to facilitate learning and retainment of the presented material. The different types of Visual Aids will be demonstrated and discussed. This will include the demonstration of the use of PowerPoint for presentations.
Enhancing your image
  • The image of the presenter is as important as the standard of the material presented. The appropriate dress code would be suggested and discussed.
Delivery Technique
  • The actual ‘delivery’ will be discussed, focusing on audience relationship, ‘power’ techniques and timing.
Voice and Speech
  • The participants will learn how to use their voices effectively so that what is said can be heard clearly and that their voices are used to hold attention, emphasising important points and eliciting the required responses.
Mannerisms & Gestures
  • Effective body language is a vital part of a ‘power’ presentation. Participants will practice the techniques required and assisted with the eradication of bad body language habits.
Question Techniques
  • Participants will learn the skill of handling questions effectively so that the entire audience benefits from these questions.
Handling Humour effectively
  • Humour can be used very effectively to hold attention and illustrate points. Bad or inappropriate humour could derail the presentation and cause some or the entire audience to lose interest in what is presented.
Controlling Nervousness
  • Participants will learn the art of controlling nervousness so that it does not derail or cause a distraction to the presentation.
Presentation Skill Practice
  • Each participant will do a 15 – 20 minute presentation on a chosen subject. This will allow them to practice the techniques they acquired during the programme. They will receive immediate feedback and a copy of their presentation on DVD.