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Showcasing your Talent, Attributes, Skills, Knowledge & Strengths

You are competing with everyone who is qualified and also interested in your dream job.  Because of the speed at which the world is changing, you need the right tools to automate your talent profile.  We recognise you want a career that allows you to learn, grow, advance and one which rewards well. We also know you want to work with leaders who are credible, inspirational, forward thinking and competent.

To help you become more marketable to the “best places to work for” and the best leaders to learn from, we have built CVtasks, your career companion, an online Talent Profile optimising tool. This software will enable you to constantly keep your CV relevant, marketable and competitive.

Online CVtasks is secure, elegant, user friendly, fast, efficient, automated and best of all free. You can create, edit, continuously update your CV and even export to PDF.  It allows you to create and store all of your compelling cover letters.  It will become your most valuable partner throughout your career.

Automating and optimising your current CV is worth the time and effort.  The returns will exceed the time invested.  We envisage that it will take you between 20-60 mins to create it. This version will enhance your qualifications, skills, experience, and unique qualities.  You will stand out amongst the crowd and prospective employers will want to contact you.

If you want companies to consider you for their graduate, learnership or internship programmes, then this system will help to shape your pitch.  It is also a perfect tool for those who are considering a career move or who are ready for something new and fresh.  For those unemployed individuals, it is equally valuable, because it will help to organise and highlight your skills and experience, bringing back hope, confidence, and opportunity.

For school students hoping to secure a weekend, holiday, or part time job, CVtasks is what you need to get your CV out there into the market.  Completing a CV has never been this easy.

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