We have facilitated numerous strategy and strategic planning session across industries and sectors.  We did this for blue chip multi-nationals, leading companies in their industries, Church organisations, NGO’s, various institutions as well as small businesses.

After carefully diagnosing and scoping the client’s needs we apply the appropriate tools and processes to help them achieve their desired expectations.  In our approach over the years we have used tools and techniques such as:

Environmental Scan
We help our clients appreciate and understand their terrain to help them understand trends and emerging challenges.  We help them to be more proactive and responsive.  Our global and interconnected world calls for greater awareness around change, its pace, occurring frequency and the pace of change.  We ensure that everyone is singing off the same song sheet.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is a user friendly robust strategic planning tool.  When we have used it, it is done with rigour and years of accumulated know-how.

Vision Building
We have assisted our clients co-create compelling inspirational pictures of their future. This vision co-created, has buy-in and is simple enough to repeat and remember, in both word and deed. “People support what they have helped to build”. Strategy

Goals and Objective setting
We help organisations develop the correct goals and objectives enabling them to help achieve their vision. We ensure that we give their vision “legs” through this process. We help them build the right tactics to operationalise the vision.

Planning for implementation
We develop a detailed action plan that is well thought through and very clear, with accountabilities, smart guidelines, dependencies and success indicators.