CEO – William Peterson

From humble beginnings…

I grew up on the Cape Flats and received my primary education from dedicated Nuns and brilliant lay teachers. My high school education was facilitated by deeply committed Christian Brothers (CBC) and an excellent crop of diversely talented and equally brilliant teachers. My greatest teacher though, was life on the Cape Flats in a working class milieu, battling and overcoming the social, political and psychological challenges of the time.

Growing up in a community orientated society where every adult was your parent and where every child respected their elders has taught me to be accountable and respectful. In addition, sharing and caring amongst families and neighbours taught me the powerful lesson of being compassionately generous (“today me, tomorrow you”).  On the streets being determined, innovative and creative often meant the difference between surviving or not. I was taught by many elders in my community how to tough it out, be street-wise and follow through without losing my humanity. Diversity was the hallmark of our society and the genetic coding of my humanity.  It so elegantly and dynamically reflected the integration between many ethnic peoples. This taught me the value of tolerance and inclusivity.  I am an African, I am part of the global family.

I have much to offer the world and at the same time I have much to learn from the world. My past has shaped me for the better good and at the same time it has created “blind spots”. I have therefore realised that to see the bigger picture more clearly I must recognise, appreciate, understand and integrate my story and the stories of others. I am therefore a perpetual student of life who everyday grapples to discover their true essence. It is with a ‘beginners mind’ that I choose everyday to go:

“Once more into the fray…

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.

Live and die on this day…

Live and die on this day…”

As a professional Industrial Psychologist…

Professionally, I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) as an Industrial Psychologist (PS 0071773).

What makes me unique, as an Industrial Psychologist, is my interest and appreciation of both business and its people. The quality of this relational dynamic is the bedrock upon which a business excels.

I strive to understand a business’ context, fundamentals, key indicators and imperatives. Then, I help the business to align its structure, systems, processes and people capabilities to support its goals. My consulting has always been based on thorough diagnosis and a systemic approach.

Industrial Psychology, in my opinion, has always been both an art and a science which integrates the business, its culture, strategy, supporting structures, tasks, external and internal environment as well as its people’s intellect, heart and capabilities.

Having started and led PCG for 18 years, I consider myself an entrepreneur. I bring a hands-on, bottom line approach to all my consulting assignments. This is further underscored by my affinity for people in which I recognise their capability to transcend and be their best selves. It is also accentuated by my belief that business is about people and relationships. It is people who, in the final analysis, make an organisation successful and thrive.