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Your People

Organisations all over the world are realising that their competitive edge is their people. People, who are competent, exhibit behaviours consistent with its vision, values, and purpose. These are individuals who understand the pillars of the organisation's culture and exhibit self-insight, self-confidence, and a commitment to ongoing learning and development. Unlike equipment, plants, machinery and other tangible resources, people qualities and traits cannot be bought and implemented overnight. Hence, even if your nearest rival or competitor has all of the tangible resources but lack people qualities and traits among their people and leadership, they will remain uncompetitive or at best mediocre. Organisations that are serious about maintaining and advancing their competitive edge are fully aware that the drivers and enablers of this continuous innovation, growth and success are to be found in the hands and minds of their people.
People are inspired when:

  • The environment in which they are working is honest, i.e. that their leadership is truthful, ethical and caring.
  • When the leadership is forward-looking, i.e. sets and defines the vision and encourages them to follow that vision and is available when they are needed.
  • When the leadership is inspiring, dynamic, uplifting, positive and optimistic.
  • Finally, when the leadership is competent, i.e. capable and effective, able to get things done for the business unit.

When the above conditions are in place or there is a commitment to establishing these conditions then the ground is immensely fertile and ready for a Brand Ambassador Programme intervention. The Brand Ambassador Programme has as one of its key aims, to give all participants a better and deeper understanding of branding and how important it is to their delivery of excellent products and service. Another important aim of the Brand Ambassador Programme is focused on the individual, to show individuals that in order to live and understand branding they need to fully understand how important they are in the entire value chain equation. Also, helping them to realise how influential they are at every critical interface of the service process to both internal and external customers.
Before getting into a discussion of content and program structure for a Brand Ambassador Intervention it is important to reflect upon some critical factors that have consistently worked in other environments.

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