Brand Ambassador

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No matter what product or service your organisation sells it is important to recognise that you are essentially selling relationships, i.e. people buy from people.

The most important element in building a brand-driven business are your employees; without their belief, guidance, ownership and participation, it is truly an impossible task.

Building the brand from the inside out
RSA FaceYour organisation’s brand is not owned by one department or person. It is an organisational community initiative and owned by each member of staff. For the brand to be sustainable and effective it can only be built from the inside out. This unified brand meaning and expression “lived out” by each employee is what is ultimately felt and experienced by all your customers, suppliers, shareholders and community etc.

You make several promises to your customers about what they will experience when they engage with your brand; you offer them an inspiring value proposition.

Your employees must understand these promises you are making on their behalf, so that they in turn are able and willing to deliver on that value proposition. Therefore, if you only spend money on external marketing and fail to secure an inspired internal Brand Ambassador programme to support your external marketing drive, you will have effectively wasted money, lost your customer and hurt your brand.

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